Posted by: spiritedwarrior | April 26, 2011

Top 7 Tips for Turning Fear into Power

  • Ask most people what the number one obstacle is that that holds them back from living the true life of greatness that truly deserve… and the answer will most likely be some form of FEAR.

So if FEAR is an inherent part of our growth and development while on ‘Earth School’ then how do we take it and transform it into a fuel that will powerfully move us forward to greater fulfilment, success and happiness?

Here are a couple of strategies that will help you connect with the real courage, strength and power of your higher-self and turn fear into POWER the next time it presents in your life…

 1.         Recognise Fear as a Sign of Your Growth

Rev. Norman Vincent Peale would often say “The moment you no longer experience fear or obstacles in your life then you had better get on your hands and knees and pray for some. Because the only people who don’t experience fear and obstacles are those who are buried 6 feet underground !”.

The reality is that everyone will experience fear as long as they are growing. There is always fear between the border of chaos and order. The moment we set a new goal, attempt something new we have never done before, or even make a simple change like setting boundaries and respecting ourselves then we are likely to experience fear.

Whenever I experience new fear in my life I repeat a statement I first learned from Susan Jeffers.  Simple in its words, this little statement is an affirmation of the great power and courage that is already present at the core of your soul…

 “Whatever happens I’ll handle it!”

2.         Change Your State

Several years ago I helped support a large seminar in Singapore where on the first night of the event we had participants from around the country perform a fire-walk. Of the 5000 people that took part there were around 10-15 people who ended up with some form of blistering or burns.  So why did the other 4985 not experience a thing?

Because they learned how to quickly and easily change their ‘state of being’.

Our body, mind, emotions and spirit are all interconnected in a dynamic cybernetic loop. Therefore the moment you change the way you use your body, the way you speak to yourself or your beliefs – then you instantly transform the way you feel. Changing your ‘state of being’ is one of the fastest ways to shift fear and limiting emotions.

So next time you experience some fear – quickly change the way you use your body. Stand-up if you’re sitting down. Go for a run. Do star jumps. Beat your chest and yell out like Tarzan (or Jane)!

Then powerfully affirm what you really want (not what you don’t want). 

3.         Tap Your Fear Away

For thousands of years the Chinese mastered the path to creating health and well-being. One of their greatest discoveries was the evolution of energy meridians and how we store blocked energy in our bodies.

Processes such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) have used this basis to create a simple pattern where just by tapping on a series of energy points around your body you can release the limiting patterns that are held at the unconscious level. 

You can learn more about the basic tapping pattern here…


4.         Turn Your Fear into a Question

Fear has the ability the take our attention or focus and direct it to “what we don’t want” or “what we want to move away from”.  As we know – what ever we give our attention to will grow.

 Therefore if you’re facing some fear in your life then the first step is to:

a)      Acknowledge your feelings and the cause of the fear

b)      Identify what you are placing your focus, energy and attention on

c)      If what you are focused on is being driven by fear e.g. the need to create money so you have enough to pay     your  bills, trying to look good in front of others for fear that they may reject or not accept you etc.. Then you need to identify ‘what it is that you really want instead?’

d)      Create an affirmation of what you really want e.g. Making money excites me and energises me

e)      Finally turn your affirmation into a question e.g. What is it about me that creates & attracts money easily?

Your mind is a marvellous machine. Ask it an empowering question and it will give you empowering answers!

 5.                  Create Your Own ‘Circle of Power’

One of the techniques that has helped me the most when I speak or have to present in front of audiences, or in fact do anything that makes me uncomfortable is to use what I call the ‘Circle of Power’.

Before I get up on stage, make a cold call, go into visit a new business customer. I take an imaginary circle out of my pocket (my Circle of Power). I place it on the ground in front of me and then I physically step into it – at the same time standing the way I would if I was powerful confident, breathing the way would if I was powerful and confident, speaking to myself the way I would if I were powerful and confident.

Never underestimate the power of your imagination!

Having done this now for more than 10 years my circle is always energised and ready to go – and you can guess what happens to fear when I finally step on that stage and start engaging with the audience!

 6.                  Drop Through It

Every feeling is a powerful signal from your being that is guiding you in some way. Unfortunately many of us allow ourselves to identify and hold onto limiting emotions rather getting the lessons we are meant to learn from them and then moving on.

Someone once said “There is no fear or limitation in the mind of God”. If this is true then our fear are created by ourselves and on the other side of fear exists just pure love.

If you are dealing with a very intense fear or anxiety, a traumatic experience or emotion that is subsequent from abuse situations then it would be best to seek qualified professional help to facilitate your healing journey.

However, if you are dealing with a very mild fear and feel capable of facing it yourself, then rather than avoid it, take the time to sit still and go into it. Drop through the fear and ask what is beyond this. As you drop through the levels within the fear you will eventually come to a place of great peace, joy and love – the reality of who you are.

 7.         Just Do It

This might seem too obvious – but maybe Nike got it right – sometimes the fastest path to getting through fear – is to just do what we are putting off, procrastinating on or doubting within ourselves.

Remember on ‘Earth School’ there is no failure. There are no losers – just learners. We are here to ultimately ‘experience and experiment’.

So take a note out of the movie ‘Yes Man’ that stars Jim Carey and look at what you have been avoiding in life, what you have been saying ‘no’ to and instead start to find experiences and opportunities that you can instead embrace and say ‘Yes’ too!

If you are ready to break through fear and reclaim the power back into your life or business then give our office a call to organise a personal coaching or emotional freedom session. During this session we will work with you one-on-one to help you clear any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be controlling your life.

Email: events [at] or call 0414 298 203

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